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Escape Rooms Ennis, Unit 7, Block B, Quin  Road Business Park, Ennis, Co. Clare V95 E161

(we share an entrance with Banner Martial Arts & Fitness)

Tel: (353) 89 440 2259, Email: contact@escaperoomsennis.com

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The Banshee's Curse

Eddie O'Brien bought a plot of land in the hills of West Clare.  Against the advice of then locals, Eddie chopped down an old Hawthorn tree to make room for his cottage.  His neighbors warned him that the Hawthorn tree was a Faerie tree and a curse would befall anyone who cut it. 


Since then, every generation of O'Briens to live in that cottage has suffered a sudden and unexpected death.  It happens always on a night with a strange and sudden storm, and the locals report hearing the wailing of a woman in the wind. 


Mary O'Brien has begged you to come to the cottage and find a way to break the curse.  But just as you arrive...a strange storm blows through the hills.  You have 60 minutes to find a way to appease the Banshee before she takes your life next!

This game is great fun for first timers but also offers enough surprises to keep experienced players on their toes.  This adventure is suitable for groups of 2-8 people, but is best enjoyed by groups of 4 or more.   

Suitable for all levels of experience.

***Parental Discretion Advised! ***

This room MAY not be suitable for young children due to darkness and spooky sound effects.

2 people: €50.00 (€25pp)
3 people: €69.00 (€23pp)
4 people:  €84.00 (€21pp)

5 people: €95.00 (€19pp)

6 people: €102.00 (€17pp)

7 people: €105.00 (€15pp)

8 people €120.00 (€15pp)

Our games are designed for adults.  Our minimum player age is 11.   Groups of youth must have at LEAST one adult in the room.  Children age 6-10 are not recommended but may tag along with their families, as long as they are being closely supervised by at least 2 paying adults.  Children age 2-5 are strictly not allowed.  Babies are welcome provided they are strapped into a baby carrier or something similar.  Please contact us BEFORE booking if you have any questions about ages or policies.  


Adventures should be booked online at least 2 hours before your chosen time.

Please click "BOOK NOW" to see available Time Slots.